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I can't say this is a regular goodbye!
Blogs are timeless and sice yours is linked to my profile, you can keep in touch whenever you feel like!
If you have the urge of sharing any comments, pictures, videos or websites, you're welcome to do it here!
I'll be glad and honoured to read your posts!!
Hope to see around, here and/or there.
X O, Janine

quinta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2010

I know...

No one will enter this blog anymore, however, for the ones that stay...
I enjoyed this semester a lot and hope you too. this is my goodbye. The end
of something wonderful to start something new...
Hope to see you soon.

quarta-feira, 23 de junho de 2010

Problems among teenagers in Brazil...

In my opinion, it’s hard to say what the major problem among teenagers in Brazil is. So I decided to search on the net. The results didn’t surprised me, just confirmed what I supposed.
I could see that the delivery is the first reason for a teenager being hospitalized in public hospitals here in our country. I noticed as well that the number of pregnant adolescents has been increasing over the years.
Nowadays contraceptive methods are widely known, the most popular are condoms and the pill. However, sometimes neither the boys nor the girls give enough importance to the risks involved in unprotected sexual relations. But when is too late to avoid and the new baby has been already conceived, the young parents should look for proper support from voluntary institutions, for example.

sexta-feira, 18 de junho de 2010

Victoria & Caroline - Technology

Raffael - Technology

Pedro - Technology

Luciana & Rodrigo - Technology

quarta-feira, 16 de junho de 2010

Caio - Technology

Breno - Technology

Gabriel & Lucas - Graffiti

Renata - Communication

Livia - Bad Attitude

domingo, 6 de junho de 2010

The keys!!!

Stop & Check 2

Part IX
7. could run
8. couldn't come
9. must be
10. had to get up
11. should/ought to
12. may not be/might not be
13. don't have to/don't need to
14. can't be
15. mustn't park/can't park

Part X
6. up
7. to
8. up
9. over
10. down
11. out

Part XI
5. arms
6. roof
7. blood
8. fuse
9. drag
10. nerves

Part XII
6. got older
7. got hurt
8. get my bedroom painted
9. get the computer working
10. get to know
11. got the children
12. get going

1. fell
2. put
3. let
4. play
5. split
6. called
7. get

Part XIV
1. What bugs me is carrying a heavy suitcase!
2. The thing I don't like about Britain is the weather.
3. I did understand what you meant.
4. I thought his question was absolutely ridiculous.
5. It is how hw behaves that bothers me.
6. Extending the trip to Portugal would be nice.
7. The point is, he has no experience in this area.

Part XV
7. anxiety
8. generosity
9. ambitious
10. commited
11. considerate
12. respectful
13. sensitive
14. willing
15. loyalty
16. passionate

quarta-feira, 2 de junho de 2010

What for?

     About five days ago, when I was returning home from "Cultura" I saw a really unusual situation. You see, It was a normal sunny afternoon at the street, but then when I was at the middle of Otávio Kelly street, I started linstening people shouting at each other, what made me really curious abuot the situation.
     But I just managed to understand what was happening at the moment I got closer to the mad guys: two "flanelinhas" were simply crazy and fighting with each other, apparently because one of them had stolen one real from the other, probably because the owner of a car had payed the wrong guy who had been watching his car while it was stopped on the street.
     So, as you all can see, that´s not an ordinary situation, but we can take two lessons from this: street is a very plural place so always be attempt to what is happening, and never steal any money from a "flanelinha". =D

Catch ya!

terça-feira, 1 de junho de 2010

The last time I saw somebody throwing a fit it was about 3 weeks ago. I was at the cinema line and a group of teenagers tried to jump the queue and a old lady just got crazy when she saw the scene. Guards, Managers and many 'curious' came around to see the big confusion. The worst part was: the movie started 2 hours later, because of the situation!
Take care with big groups of teen at the cinema.. and old ladies too!

relationship: do's and don'ts

♥ give attention
♥ support each other
♥ be patient

♥ talk about ex boy/girlfriends
♥ be agressive
♥ keep talking about particular interests

By: Larissa, Lívia e Victoria

What you should and shouldn't do in a relationship

Do: be honest, respectful and carrying
Don't: be jealous, unfriendly and have a short fuse

By: Rodrigo, Renata, Luciana and Caroline.

segunda-feira, 31 de maio de 2010

Do's and Don't in a relationship

Do: be sweet, be faithfull and meet regularly
Don't: cheat, be rude and being gummy.

Caio, Gabriel and Raffael

quarta-feira, 26 de maio de 2010

Supermarket! It was there that other day I saw a very nervous woman
shouting at other because of the queue. What I could understand was that
the queue was for 10 items and the woman "A" was with 11 items. So this women
B started to shout and call everyone's attention. It was ridiculous. O_o

See ya!
kisses. :*

Throwing a fit...

The last time I saw somebody throwing a fit was a few weeks ago. My mother was on the couch in the living-room. Suddenly we heard a crash. A strong draught came through the window and threw her favorite picture frame down to the floor. She could not believe! Screaming, she asked who had left the window open, trying to determine who was to blame for that loss. But the thing is: it wasn't the first time that something felt from the same shelf, so why she insists in putting those beloved objects there? I really don't know! :)

domingo, 16 de maio de 2010

It all happened in England during the First Industrial Revolution. At this time, the human work had been substituted by the machine work. Since this, technology is being much more used to help the industrial process. Nowadays, technology is totally present in our reality and it is getting better day by day. The new TV generation, for example, is completely different from the ones wich were common 1o years ago. They are now, as time passes, smaller and with an awesome image quality. Now, the only thing that can be done is wait for the next technological news.

terça-feira, 13 de abril de 2010

Hey everybody ! I'm posting this to talk about technology. I think, nowadays, noboy can say that can live without it.
If you want to wake up early, you probably need an alarm clock, this would be impossible without it.. This is a example about how the technology is always with you.

I'm going to show the evolution about the TV's over the years

We can see here a very old one:
Currently, we got the best TV which we can access, the plasma full HD with the best quality of image.
Now, it's releasing a new type of television, the 3D ones, like this one:

I think in a near future we be able to touch the screen and select what programs we want to watch.. or something like that..

That's it ! Bye :D

quarta-feira, 7 de abril de 2010

Hey guys!

I found this on youtube:

I loved! However I think technology will become more like this:

I believe this improve in technology is important. You know, all knowledge can be used for good or bad things. It depends on who use and how is used. We have to know more things until decide how to use them. Let's give technology one chance. Maybe, in future, this knowledge can save us. ;) Think about it.

See ya!

segunda-feira, 5 de abril de 2010

Technology is advancing day by day, things are getting more modern.
This has their highs and lows.A good point of it is that communication
has improved with this technological revolution but people can get far
from another ones because they will have the comfort of technological
comunication, by the way I think technology is in our world just to make
our lives easier, you just need to know how to use it.
Technology is advancing very fast nowadays. You can see a lot of improvements promoted by this progress in many different markets. One of these markets is the fonografich industry. The LPs were substituted by the cds and now the cds are being substitute by the mp4. And now the free downloads of music by internet are breaking the fonografich industry. The good thing about this is that many materials that were used in production of cds are now being saved. The bad news is that now many people are now loosing their jobs. Technology is turning the life of some people better and worse for others.

Recently , in many researches have been discovered new sources of renewable energy that will not harm the environment. The energies of today are not renewable causing the green house effect. Through the technology advances the scientists could discover new energy sources such as : solar energy, wind energy, and many others.

Formerly , the energy sources were basically coal mining and industrial steam witch are used less today . After the first industrial revolution , on the second revolution the oil (petroleum) became the most important energy source of the world and remains.

Completing , the technological advancement provided the discovery of renewable energy for controlling pollution and creating new possibilities to make the world a habitable place to ours kids. If you are interested in know more details about new energy sources click and environment on this link

I hope you enjoy,

quarta-feira, 31 de março de 2010

Electricity is the key...

     Nowadays, when we think about technology an it's advances, we simply start thinking about computers or anything wich has an screen, like cellphones, music players and all the other sort of devices like these. But, let´s think about our planet in general... If anything happened to our planet, it would affect us, maybe in a  really serious way like, who knows... our extinction! So, it´s simply and logic to conclude that there is not why looking for more and more technological stuff that won´t help our planet.
     Then, here goes my idea of a real technological invention: The Electric Car. An invention that can sounds silly, but definitelly isn´t. You see, with these cars, the quantity of greenhouse effects gases that would be launched in the atmosphere each day would definitely become smaller, because these vehicles doesn´t use any kind of fossil fuel, what make this cars really clean solutions to our atmosphere problems. Another great caracteristic of them is the thing about noise, because of the electric engine, wich is "fueled" by simply leting  the car charging in your garage.
     So... what do you think about my idea of technology now? Isn´t this invention a really revolutionary one? By using it, you can reduce considerably a problem that is really serious nowadays: the pollution one, doesn´t matter it´s air pollution  or even sound pollution.

Here is an example of an electric car, produced by GM, the Chevy Volt, about wich you can learn more at:

sábado, 27 de março de 2010

Nowadays, the technology evolution is something that is happening very quickly. The picture above shows the Ipad, a big example of this progress. It’s an invention of Apple; which is a big company, with famous products.
Ipad is the new revolutionary stuff to see web, e-mails, photos, videos and much more. Everything with the touch of your fingers! It’s the perfect electronic material to watch films or whatever you want, don’t you agree?
Now, check this video to see more details.

When people talk about technology we can think of a ''world'' that has something new in every minute. It's hard to say what will be the ''the big point'' (leading technology) in the future. Spacialists are currently trying to improve things wich have just been discovered. Changing the channels of a TV by just waving the hands, for instance. But there are other equipments more useful for the daily life. An interesting thing is a special machine where is possible to download books. Imagine studing all the subjects with just 'one book'. It would be amazing, wouldn't it?

quarta-feira, 10 de março de 2010

Graffiti, what do you think?

Is graffiti art? It's a kind of art? What is it?
I think that graffiti is a kind of expression. When angry, people graffiti the walls and the art is there, 'cause it brings with her, one feeling, one story, one style. When the person is graffiting because don't have anything else to do, it can be art.
In my opinion all kind of graffiti that makes you smile when you see, it's a decoration. Decoration, for me, it's a kind of art. When are only a lot of weird stuff and visual polution, it's vandalism.
That's my opinion!
See ya in another post.
Byebye. :*

terça-feira, 9 de março de 2010

Hi everybody ! How are you? :D
I'm posting this to show some graffitis I found..And also i'm here to express my opinion about graffiti..
I think the graffiti might have a specific place for people who practice, can practice without any problems..
Unfortunately, the graffiti also has a bad side..There are people who graffiti ugly things, scribbles.. like this one :

And some that I really enjoyed:

Hope you enjoy it, Caio. :D

And the other one.

Hey.I've got two points of view about graffiti, i think that when it's prohibited, beautifull or not is a kind of vandalism but when the artist is allowed to do his work it can be considered as an art, but only if it look like an art too.Here are an example of good graffiti and vandalism.

The ugly side of graffiti

hello everybody ! I found interesting to show you the ugly side of graffiti. Here, at the blog, we saw many examples of the art of graffiti. This video, shows the opposite.
Thing like this happens everyday at the city of São Paulo. In my opinion this type of graffiti makes the city get uglier. What do you think? Hope you enjoy, Larissa.

Graffiti : art or vandalism ?

Hi everybody ! I'm posting this to make a discussion of what the action of graffiting represents : Art or Vandalism ? Well , some say that it's a crime against the society and other say that grafitti it's art. We should know the difference between the real grafitti and the vandalism.

The Grafitti artists are people who make an artistic expressions (the real graffiti) and express themselfs by graffiti. We have to recognize that they have been giving new color to ours cities , painting old walls and breaking the habbits and the monotony of contemporary cities. In the picture on the left you can see two guys doing a good graffiti in a old wall.

The Vandals are very different of the graffiti artists. Besides causing visual pollution , the vandals destroy the heritage public , an example of this ocurred when a crew used the sculpture of Nilton Santos in Engenhão (Botafogo's Stadium) to get up .

Seeing two sides of the history I can conclude that the only way to finish with crew and vandals , is investing in graffiti , so they who practice the vandalism will open their minds expressing his ideas in the right way.

I hope you enjoy ! ..

segunda-feira, 8 de março de 2010

Hey guys!
About one year ago I received an e-mail about an english graffiter, his name's Julian Beever and I found his graffitis awesome, he has got a technique of grafitting in 3D.
Here is one link if you wanna watch some of his master pieces
He has graffited all over Europe! England, France, Germany, Belguim, USA
and Australia as well.

sábado, 6 de março de 2010


        Banksy is the world´s most famous graffiti artist. This strange name comes from an unknoun past, what doesn´t let him known what was his birth name or even when or where he was born. Simply, he has no idea what his identity is! (although rumors say that his real name is Robert or Robin Banks).  But even with all this doubts people say that he was born in 1974, and grew up in Bristol, England. Son of a photocopier technician, he trained to be a butcher, but graffiti called his attention when the "Great Bristol aerosol boom" happened on the late 1980´s. More then just graffiti, Banksy has contributed to the cinema industry too, with his first and single film: "Exit Through The Gift Shop", billed as "the world´s first street art disaster movie". It appeared for the public´s eyes in the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. (The film will be released in the UK on March 5).  Banksy started as a freehand gaffiti artist in 1992-1994, taking part on the DBZ (DryBreadZ) Crew. He was inspired by local artists and his work was part of the larger Bristol underground scene ('s stencils feature striking and humorous images occasionally combined with slogans. The message is usually anti-war, anti-capitalist or anti-establishment. The subjects included rats, monkeys, policemen, soldiers, children, and the elderly. And now, let´s finish with some demonstration of his artistic works: 


     Naked Man image by Banksy, on the wall of a sexual health clinic in Park Street, Bristol. Following popular support, the City Council have decided it will be allowed to remain.                                                         


  Stencil on the waterline of The Thekla, an entertainment boat in central Bristol. The image of Death is based on a 19th century etching illustrating the pestilence of The Great Stink.

   In late 2001, on a trip to Sydney and MelbourneAustralia, he stencilled a parachuting rat with a clothes pin on its nose above a toilet at the Arts Factory Lodge. This stencil can no longer be located.

  Graffiti depicting graffiti removal. Created in May 2008 at Leake Street in London, painted over by August 2008. Notice the animals resembling cave art from Lascaux or Altamira.

   ATM attacking a girl, Rosebery Avenue, London, January 2008.

Near Bethlehem - 2005

Asked about his technique, Banksy said:

   "I use whatever it takes. Sometimes that just means drawing a moustache on a girl's face on some billboard, sometimes that means sweating for days over an intricate drawing. Efficiency is the key."

So...that´s all folks!

If somebody´s interested about any other Banksy´s curiosity, just go to:

sexta-feira, 5 de março de 2010

Hey guys!
About one year ago I received an e-mail about an english graffiter, his name's Julian Beever and I found his graffitis awesome, he has got a technique of grafitting in 3D.

Here is one link if you wanna watch some of his master pieces
He has graffited all over Europe! England, France, Germany, Belguim, USA and Australia as well.

quinta-feira, 4 de março de 2010

And the chocolate goes to...


Congrats for the chocolate and for examples of graffiti you've found. I liked the drains very much!
That is definitely an expression of creativity!

Nice history that of the Brazilian twin brothers, Pedro!!

We have some very good artist among the graffiti gangs in Brazil too. I am sure I mentioned some interesting and artistic works I used to see in my neighbourhood when I lived in Tijuca.

Here are two of them I cound find on the web.

Excellent job!

Nice weekend for all of you!!!


quarta-feira, 3 de março de 2010

About the twin brothers Os Gêmeos

'Os Gêmeos' are twin brazilian brothers called Otávio and Gustavo. Searching on Wikipedia, we can discover that they started painting graffiti in 1987, so that's a long time - they are very sucessful artists outside of the country. Their most important work is to paint the facade of Tate Modern (an important museum in London), and to expose their work inside of the museum, sharing the space with other graffit artists. Their paintings, in Brazil, are specially concentrated in São Paulo. Their paintings show yellow-skinned and poor people at most of the time. Some of their work:

Graffiti at Houston Street, New York

Painted train in São Paulo

Tate Modern, London

Kelbum Castle, Scotland

Pedro H.

Graffiti, an art. For some.

Hi! Finaly I can post. : )
I found some interesting things about graffiti and would like you all to see! I found it all at

The alphabet.

Some cool pictures!

The meaning of graffiti and where it started.

"Graffiti first became big in New York and spread through other states."

"Drawings or writing made on a wall or other surface, usually so as to be seen by the public."

bye, vic.

Graffiti, graffiti, graffiti!

I have found some very interesting examples of graffiti!!
Take a look at them!!

This one impressed me a lot for the excellent combination of colours and the perfection of the drawing. I particularly like dragons very much and I think this artist managed to make it ferocious and beautiful at the same time.

Although this is a nasty attitude, not to say a habit sometimes, the drawing itself is very pretty. The shades of grey give a real tri-dimentional impression.

This one composed an amazing image with the background. Don't you think?

What about this one? Simple but oddily interesting, isn't it?

This one showed you in class but I think it's worth adding it to my collection because it puzzles me how people managed to make such a huge graffiti!

There are some very good ones at this site. Check them out!!

This example of vandalism makes me mad at people who could be doing constructive things and spending time, money, creativity on something so ugly!!

Now what do these guys think about life? Is this a place where you would think about anything else but surviving?

See yah,