quarta-feira, 2 de junho de 2010

What for?

     About five days ago, when I was returning home from "Cultura" I saw a really unusual situation. You see, It was a normal sunny afternoon at the street, but then when I was at the middle of Otávio Kelly street, I started linstening people shouting at each other, what made me really curious abuot the situation.
     But I just managed to understand what was happening at the moment I got closer to the mad guys: two "flanelinhas" were simply crazy and fighting with each other, apparently because one of them had stolen one real from the other, probably because the owner of a car had payed the wrong guy who had been watching his car while it was stopped on the street.
     So, as you all can see, that´s not an ordinary situation, but we can take two lessons from this: street is a very plural place so always be attempt to what is happening, and never steal any money from a "flanelinha". =D

Catch ya!

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