sábado, 27 de fevereiro de 2010

I've just found...


In my opinion, graffiti is a bold way to express different points of view. However there are things that can be considered art, I mean... something that people like to see and appreciate, while there are others that just show vandalism and let the place where they were done extremely dirty, what's horrible!!
I've ever seen 'graffitis' which the authors were interested in pointing out what their opinions were about a political statement, for exemple. But there are many others 'graffitis topics' as this one:

quarta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2010

Make yourselves at home!!

My warmest welcome to you all!!!

I am very glad to see that some of you have already accepted the invitation to join our virtual interactive room. Hope you enjoy this new experience.

By the way, Fernando, the name you suggested for the blog sounds fantastic to me!! I think we could vote around here till next class and have our final decision then, what do you think?

You can count on my vote!!

Concerning GRAFFITI, I'll be posting something in a couple of days, but if you feel like posting anything before... BE MY GUEST!!!

So, have a nice weekend and see you around here or in class on Monday!!


Hey, why don't we change the blog name to "english4life"? :D